Recently, I started dating again. After almost an entire year “in the wilderness” as I like to call it, I finally emerged from the forest and decided to try my hand at love again. Actually, I was initially looking for friends with benefits. I quickly realized that I’m not about that life… Anyway, my new […]

I usually open all my post by saying how long it has been since the last time I posted. I’m not going to do that this time, but it’s been over a year. I thought that I would walk away from blogging, forever, but something spoke to me (probably the cognac) and told me to […]

Happy New Year all! 2015 has already started out rough for me. My girlfriend and I are no longer together after a rocky but overall amazing 4 and a half year relationship. We spent 2 years long distance, a year in college, together dealing with crazy parents not wanting us together (her parents), and survived […]

I have so many things to do and I don’t want to do any of them. I need to find a new job. I need to narrow down journals and publishers I wish to submit work to, then proceed to study those companies, in and out to find which work of mine would have the […]

Hey guys, I have been really focused on my poetry blog, Something About Picking Your Nose: Poetry and I apologize for the lack of updates on this great horrible journey. I wanted to continue talking about “milestones in writing” and if you remember my last post I discussed the first milestone of writing is accepting […]

A good friend of mine called me while I was in Barnes and Noble with my girlfriend yesterday. We chatted about new events taking place in our lives (he is expecting a baby) and he asked about my book. I told him it was completed, creatively, but there remained a long process of editing, collating, […]

Hey guys, As always, its been a while. Things have been interesting in these past few weeks and months. I wish I could say I haven’t enjoyed this, but truth is that I feel great about it. I have been knee-deep in music (jazz mostly) lately. I talk a lot about Miles, but I have […]

So, I have reached another milestone in my writing. I have been hunting poetry and literary journals down for the past 2-3 weeks and I have only submitted poems to 3 journals. I heard back from one and I was rejected. I laughed with my girlfriend about this being an important and defining moment in […]

Hi there. So, I started a new book, Miles: The Autobiography by Miles Davis (I actually bought the paperback version and not a digital copy). If you were to ask any of my Facebook friends, they’d say I have become obsessed with Miles. It is true! Its like, since discovering that they are making a […]

Originally posted on Drums in the Global Village:
I’m in McKeldin Library right now, thumbing through its bound set of Freedomways magazine. I find where Augusta Strong wrote the article, “Notes on James Baldwin,” for the Spring 1962 issue. (Augusta Strong was listed in the contributor’s page as “a former English teacher and newspaper reporter who is…


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